12 Week Program Breakdown

Accelerate Your Surfing in 30 days or Money Back Guarantee!

✖️Your pop up is holding you back on the takeoff
✖️Struggling to progress in changing surf conditions
✖️Don’t know how to improve your surfing
✖️Hours spent in the water with little results
✖️Don’t waste more time blindly trying to improve

✔️A whole new approach to surf training – Land + Water
✔️Build your new style
✔️Develop proper technique
✔️Surf with more power and speed
✔️Be complimented on your new ability
✔️Make the most of every wave


Have you wanted to progress your surfing, but don’t know how, or what to focus on or where to start?
Frustrated that you aren’t seeing improvement each surf or even each month?
Do you want a shortcut and to quickly accelerate your surfing, improving your style, technique and confidence?

Then the 12 Week Program is for you!


The 12 Week Program is a weekly structured program focusing on:

• Theory
• Weekly Land and Water-based Drills
• Breakdowns
• Follow Alongs

Each week you’ll create small wins in your surfing, subtle changes but over the full 12 weeks, these wins will add up and create a lasting change in your surfing.
Every week builds off of the previous weeks training and continues to develop style, technique and confidence.


The 12 Week Program is for any surfer! Seriously!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, the program is designed for you, with every drill designed around achieving a feeling and understanding, rather than just repeat X reps.

This means for any surfer, it’s a case of how much time you need on certain drills and everyone will have different rates of learning.


  1. The 12 Week Program
  2. Instant Access to 8 Courses incl. 300 + easy to follow videos
  3. Proven blueprint to accelerate your surfing within 30 days
  4. Access to the OMBE Insider Surf Community
  5. Priority Access to upcoming Boat Trips & Coaching Surf Trips
  6. Get Monthly Live Group Surf Coaching
  7. Life Time Access to The Program


The 12 Week Program combines elements of the full ASP and marries them all together, with structure, guidance and a progression path.


The program takes aspects from across all the ASP modules and introduces them at the exact moment those concepts are needed in your training.

Constantly working off a progression roadmap.


The 12 Week Program is now the ideal place to start. It will teach you the concepts as you need to know them.

As you progress, you will begin to identify the areas you are struggling in.

After the 12 Week Program, you can repeat or you can then identify your biggest struggle and dive into the modules of ASP that best focus on that struggle.

Program Content

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The 12 Week Accelerated Surfing Program
Preparing Yourself to Progress
Week 1 - Building the Foundation
Week 2 - Becoming a Wave Magnet
Week 3 - Learning to Feel the Movements
Week 4 - Coordinating Your Movements
Lesson Content
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Lesson Content
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Week 5 - Developing Control
Week 6 - Set Up For Success
Week 7 - Learning Efficiency of Movement & Style
Week 8 - Three Dimensional Surfing
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Week 9 - Why so Serious
Week 10 - Finding control in being off balance
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Week 11 - Amplify Your Speed & Power
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Week 12 - Joining the Dots
Review & What's Next
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$50 Week

Program Includes

  • 47 Lessons
  • 63 Topics