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Surf Coaching
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The Next Wave Of Surf Normal Is Here

  • Did you know the best surfers in 2030 will come from China, Korea, Russia, Dubai?
  • Did you know most surf coaches work 2-3 jobs to sustain their lifestyle?
  • Did you know most surf coaching is still aimed at beginners and delivered face to face?

The Old Surf Norms

  • Surf coaching predominantly focused on beginners – What’s next once you are an intermediate? 
  • Australia led the first wave of surf movement and culture producing big names, brands and the ASP
  • Surfing is still mainly counter culture and widely considered an art not a real sport
  • Surfers just learn on their own from time in the water
  • Sponsored and pro surfers are revered as the primary commercial product to sell surf gear

The Next Wave Of Surf Norms Is Here

  • Intermediate surfers are treated as first class surfers
  • Surfers from non traditional surf nations will start to dominate now the playing field is levelled – Brazil is just the first of many to come
  • Woman in surf will continue to grow and accelerate 
  • Surf related influencers now drive a significant sales for big brands across multiple platforms(Youtube, TikTok, Snap Chat etc)
  • Surfing’s reputation has shifted from a counterculture activity to a mainstream healthy sport recognised not only for the physical exercise benefits but also as a therapy for mental health issues. Prescribed as a medicine for the mind.
  • The average new normal surfer will be apart of both traditional surf communities, clubs or groups and the new niche online groups who predominately share progress and learning online 
  • Surfing is now accessible in the desert – Wave Pools
  • Surfboard evolution has standardised and made a very high quality product available to all surfers, levelling the playing field
  • Coaching is delivered in person and online
  • Training in the water and land
  • Surfers are now considered athletes
  • Surfers are training like athletes in and out of the water

Surf Coaching Shift

Most surf coaching is aimed at the beginner, however the biggest market of surfers are intermediates which means a huge portion of the market is being missed

A lot of surf coaches find it hard to make a full time career as they rely on swell and weather conditions and so don’t take coaching seriously,

Most surf programs are not teaching coaches how to BE coaches, so progress is slow for the surfer which creates a negative perception of the surf industry.

  • Create long coaching relationships with their clients, taking them from beginner to advanced surfers,
  • Have a coaching system that is easy to follow and delivers results fast,
  • Imagine if there was a coaching program that created world class surf coaches who can coach full time, both in and out of the water.

How Can The ISA Shape The New Normal Surfing Experience?

We believe the ISA is perfectly positioned to gain a first mover advantage and lead the new normal for surfers all around the world.
We believe every member nation and every surfer from around the world should have access to world class coaching at their fingertips.
We believe every ISA surf coach should get access to the latest and best online training so they can coach in the water, on land and 

We want to help the ISA not only create the worlds best surf coaches, also we want to help you bring the understanding of surfing to the general public.

The Accelerated Surf Program has been created by our head coach Clayton Nienaber who has spent more than 30 years accumulating a wealth of surfing knowledge. Having been a professional surfer on the world tour, shaper and a high-performance surfing coach for over 15 years, he has coached some of the best surfers in the world including Travis Logie, Ricky Basnett and Jordy Smith and lead national surfing teams.

The program is based on three primary pillars, Science, Simulate and Surf


Thank you for taking time to review our submission

We believe the next generation of surf coaching should do more than digitise existing surf coaching business. It should meaningfully reduce a surfers time to becoming an advanced surfer, and it should also meaningfully power a surf coaches business growth and success. That’s what the Amanzi Surf Coaching pathway does—and that’s why we passionately believe our frameworks, systems and training can assist the ISA in leading the new normal in surfing.

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