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A Proven New Method to Surf Training

Accelerate your surfing within 30 days or your money back

Most surfers don’t even know exactly how they do a bottom turn nor can they show you how to do it on land.

So when you’re trying to progress as a surfer how do you even practice a bottom or top turn? How do you know what it’s meant to feel like and how do you correct it?

The Ombe Accelerated Surfing Program will drill this into your body so you can do them in your sleep!

  • Say goodbye to frustrating surfs
  • Don’t waste more time blindly trying to improve
  • A whole new approach to surf training
  • Build your new style
  • Develop proper technique
  • Surf with more power and speed
  • Be complimented on your new ability
  • Make the most of every wave

Enrol Now For Instant Access

  • Instant Access to 8 Courses incl. 225 + easy to follow videos
  • Proven blueprint to accelerate your surfing within 30 days
  • Access to the OMBE Insider Surf Community
  • Priority Access to upcoming Boat Trips & Coaching Surf Trips
  • Get Monthly Live Group Surf Coaching
  • Life Time Access to The Program

The Accelerated Surf Program | $994USD Value

Surf Science Series | $248USD VALUE

Module 1: Surf Science
Understanding power zones of the wave, movement of the body and board design.

Module 2: Surf Psychology
Learning flow and how to harness your mental capabilities to affect your surfing

Surf Simulation Series | $498USD VALUE

Module 3: Cardboard Surfer
State-of-the-Art movement training and developing muscle memory on land to be replicated in the water

Module 4: Bosu Surfer
Continued movement pattern training to mimic controlling a surfboard and how the board interacts with water

Module 5: Surf Skate
Implementing movement patterns on how a turn should feel and generating drive, while developing good habits

Module 6: Surf Skate Bowl
Introducing top turns into a skate ramp and learning to drive through turns, out of turns and linking turns.

Waterman Surf Series | $248 USD VALUE

Module 7: Waterman
Understanding how to interact with the wave, using it’s power, how it should feel and gaining confidence on the wave.

Module 8: Catching More Waves
How to effortlessly glide into more waves, positioning, what you are looking for and where are you going.


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