8 steps to Accelerate Your Surfing

“A Surf Technique Program That  Changes the Way Your Surf And How You Understand Surfing” – Chris Mills, Surf Strength Coach

Audit Your Surfing

Is your pop up ruining your surfing?

Are you constantly getting dropped in on and burnt on your waves?

Do you get caught or left behind on waves?

Are you wasting 100s of dollars buying the wrong gear?

Are you spending 1000s of dollars on surf trips but not making the most of every wave and feeling frustrated with your trip?

Do other people catch more waves than you?

Do you leave the surf feeling frustrated?

Do you often catch rail?

8 Step Surfing Health Check

Your Mental approach

How to surf from the power zone

How to surf by leading with your body

How to make your surfboard perform

"Many surfers are not getting the most out of their sessions because they don't understand the fundamentals" - Clayton Nienaber

Accelerated Surf Program

The Accelerated Surf Program has been created by Clayton Nienaber who has spent more than 30 years accumulating a wealth of surfing knowledge. Having been a professional surfer on the world tour, shaper and a high-performance surfing coach for over 15 years, he has coached some of the best surfers in the world including Travis Logie, Ricky Basnett and Jordy Smith and lead national surfing teams. 

This program covers everything you need to know to rapidly accelerate your level of surfing. Whether your a beginner or a pro, this program WILL improve your surfing

Access 30+ Years of Advanced Surf Coaching


Read the Waves Power Zones

Fix your Bad Movement Habits

Understand your Gear

Understand Positioning


Speed Generation

Style & Coordination

Surf Skate

Power Moves & Rail Turns


Catch More Waves

Increase your Power

Know The Feeling

Harness your surfboards design

Ready To Accelerate Your Surfing?

Three Step Progression Pathway

Access Your Free Surf Analysis


Unlock The 30+ Years Of Surf Secrets


Accelerate Your Progression