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OMBE Testers - Video Analysis Submissions

Please fill out the below form. I am not using the information about you for anything other than to give us a baseline and idea of where your surfing is at. I am trialling what information is useful to you and us interms of giving you feedback on your surfing. Let me know how this system works, if you like anything or don’t. The form looks ugly and I haven’t bothered doing CSS to style it. I will later.

Gettitng Your Feedback

I’m looking to have all your submissions back to you by 27th of June and will email you back a unlisted youtube link of your surfing. I will update more as I get to reviewing all the footage. Thank you for the patience and submitting some footage!

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This helps us tailor the language in our response to your surfing. eg: coffee cup, pat the cat, cardboard slide etc.