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My legs are now tiring out first, I have better technique and I'm making turns and waves I have never made!

Before, I would see sections and I would want to do a turn but I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d try, lock up and fall off.

Since, taking the course, I could practice the movements and patterns outside of the surf and everything became easier.

Now, my technique has all changed, I am doing better turns that I have ever done and making waves I wouldn’t have. It’s incredible, I can now see sections, repeat movements I’ve done a thousand times and treat it like a skate ramp.

Shawn Edwards
My mates started noticing my surfing and saying "I didn't think that was you!"

I had been surfing for 25 years, tried different types of coaching and none of it really helped.

Until the Ombe Course, I realised I didn’t even understand the mechanics of surfing, how to do a bottom or top turn. It just took away all the pressure of actual surfing, the course just works, you fall off and you KNOW what you did wrong and how to fix it.

Now, my friends are taking notice and saying they don’t even recognise my surfing!

Steve Burns
I'm now accessing different parts of my body to make surfing easier and more beautiful!

Clayton is able to rewire the way you approach the wave and a skate ramp.It’s like aligning your whole body so that your surfing feels like your dancing and its making some incredible changes.

Clayton has been incredibly important in my surf career and allowing me to access different parts of my body to make surfing easier and more beautiful. He’s like my Master Shifu, I just learn so much every time.

Pacha Light - Pro Surfer

Corrective surf program to teach you how to surf simply with good technique